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One mission, one community

GFEMS works with partners around the world to unify global action against modern slavery. We are proud to have a diverse array of partners across governments, the private sector, research institutions, and implementing organizations. We are grateful to all who help us carry out our work and advance our mission.

Survivor inclusion is priority.

One of our top objectives is to prioritize the wellbeing of survivors and to find new ways to empower them to lead in the fight against modern slavery and human trafficking. As survivors are not a single entity, they cannot be given a profile, which is why they are not listed anywhere below. However, at every opportunity we are looking to engage survivors to learn how we can improve our interventions, research, and even internal practices. Whether it’s paid positions on program advisory panels, ground-truthing of our stories, or consultation in curriculum development, we work with them and more importantly, for them.

Centering Survivors: Anti-Trafficking Programming in Northern Vietnam

In our partnership with Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation, we found that trauma-informed survivor care can be implemented at scale. In Ha Giang Province, we helped implement government provided care services and support for the first time in the region, providing care for dozens of survivors in the first year, and for hundreds more in the years to come.

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Government Donors

We are primarily funded by a combination of government donors and private foundations. Some of our biggest donors include the United States Department of State, Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation, the U.K. Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office, and the Government of Liechtenstein.

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