Movement Building & Advocacy, Led by People with Lived Experience.

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To address modern slavery we need a vibrant movement led by those most proximate to the issue. We are committed to using our resources and voice to create the environment where survivor-leaders and grassroots organizations can thrive. Here’s what we do:

Fund Flexibly

We fund implementers, movement builders and advocates, especially those that are grassroots organizations or lived experience led, in a flexible way that allows them to set their own priorities and develop their own ideas. Our role is to support the folks doing the work–we don’t have all the answers but we’re here to help the community partners that might. 

Build Capacity

We seek to build up the anti-slavery field and the teams we work with. We connect our partners to technical supports they need. We develop tools and best practices for the field. And we work with everyone willing to increase their level of lived experience-engagement. 

    Facilitate Collaboration

    We facilitate learning and growth in our field and we look to bring allies from connected issues–climate, feminism, anti-poverty, etc.–into the modern slavery fold. We hold partner convenings, meeting facilitation, and other activities where talking, sharing, learning is the point

    Share Knowledge

    We proactively and enthusiastically share our learnings and our views, and we support efforts to grow the knowledge base around modern slavery. 

    Modern slavery is a complex global issue, but progress is possible if we work together.

    Modern slavery intersects with and is exacerbated by a number of other global issues, including gender, class and racial inequalities. Reach out to see how we can work together.

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