GFEMS strives to uphold the highest standard of operational integrity and business ethics.

Operational and Financial Integrity


We are committed to work ethically and collaboratively, listen to one another and our stakeholders, and hold ourselves accountable not only for what we do but also for how we do it. The Fund’s goal is to ensure that we observe the highest standards of ethics in the conduct of our duties and responsibilities, practice honesty and integrity in fulfilling our responsibilities, and comply with all applicable laws and regulations. We are bound to the Fund’s Code of Conduct and are urged to report violations or suspected violations of policy, regulation or law, and ethical lapses. 

GFEMS encourages complaints, reports, or inquiries about illegal practices or violations of the Fund’s policies, including illegal or improper conduct by the organization itself, by its leadership, or by others on its behalf. Report here. Anonymous and confidential.

Our Values

Focus on Our Mission


We build programs and undertake research focused on ending modern slavery.

Learn Continuously


We seek out the knowledge and perspectives of others, especially those whom we seek to serve and empower.

Bet Big and Build Together


We build and co-develop bold, transformative programs designed to achieve unprecedented systems change, emphasizing innovation and scale.

Execute with Excellence and Integrity


We are committed to implementing with efficiency, effectiveness, and real-time adaptability, while maintaining the highest standards of business ethics and compliance.

Share What We Know


We eagerly share successes and lessons learned to bolster the field, build the evidence base and catalyze a coherent global strategy.

Create Sustainable Impact


We identify and leverage shared goals among diverse stakeholders to secure co-investment and build programs that are self-sustaining.

Value Our People


We provide a supportive, respectful, and equitable environment for our team to advance the Fund’s mission.

Key Policies and Procedures

Anti-Fraud and Anti-Bribery Policy

Code of Business Ethics and Conduct

Conflict of Interest Policy

Ethical Storytelling Guidelines

Monitoring, Learning, and Evaluation Strategy

Responsible Data Management Guidelines

Safeguarding Policy

Financial Documents

We maintain effective controls over financial matters to ensure a complete and accurate record of our work. Proper oversight and accountability of all funding ensures that we remain a trusted partner for our stakeholders.

2021 Independent Financial Audit

2020 Independent Financial Audit

2019 Independent Financial Audit

2018 Independent Financial Audit

2021 Form 990

2020 Form 990

2019 Form 990

2018 Form 990

2017 Form 990


2021 Impact Report

2020 Impact Report

2019 Annual Report

2018 Annual Report

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