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Meaningful Engagement of People with Lived Experience

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    Meaningful Engagement of People with Lived Experience: a framework and assessment for measuring and increasing lived experience leadership across the spectrum of engagement is a first-of-its-kind resource that offers guidance and tools to support organizations’ progress toward meaningful survivor engagement.

    Any efforts to end human trafficking or modern slavery will be bound by the degree to which they embrace meaningful lived experience leadership. The best efforts to address human trafficking will view impacted individuals and communities as full collaborators and will maintain the trust of their participants, which means they must be centered on the needs of people with lived experience at all levels of the organization, policy, or program.

    — Chris Ash, National Survivor Network

    This toolkit was developed by people with lived experience and allies, in a collaboration between The Global Fund to End Modern Slavery and The National Survivor Network. We built it for use within our own organizations, and we hope it will be useful more broadly across the anti-trafficking and related fields. 

    Inside the toolkit you will:

    • Learn more about the Lived Experience Engagement Spectrum
    • Learn how to move your organization up the Lived Experience Inclusion Ladder
    • Learn about how to address common barriers to meaningful lived experience
    • Get access to 40+ pages of surveys, tools, and evaluation guidance you can use to measure your organization’s progress toward meaningful lived-experience engagement

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