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    GFEMS is providing critical, early operational and strategic support to Pinkcollar, the first ethical recruitment agency operating out of Malaysia. In this project, Pinkcollar will expand in two directions: to a new source country (Indonesia) and sector (manufacturing). The Fund’s support will help Pinkcollar accelerate the process of growing and operating an agency. By the end of the project, they will have established operations in Indonesia, placed approximately 50 workers in Malaysia, and be well positioned to double their worker placements year over year. After Fair Employment Foundation and The Ethical Recruitment Agency – India, Pinkcollar is the third ethical recruitment agency, and the first in Malaysia, that GFEMS has supported.

    Replicating What Works

    Pinkcollar, Malaysia’s first agency created for ethical recruitment, opened its doors in 2019. It did so with the support and guidance of Fair Employment Foundation (FEF), a successful ethical recruitment agency operating in Hong Kong and partner of the Global Fund. FEF’s CEO is certain that, with more agencies pursuing ethical recruitment models, we can “achieve our aim of ending forced labour of migrant workers.”

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    About Pinkcollar

    Since November 2017, Pinkcollar has set out to do one thing: improve recruitment and hiring practices for Malaysia’s domestic work sector.

    Pinkcollar Employment Agency is a professional recruitment agency licensed by the Malaysian Labour Department and accredited by the Philippine Overseas Labour Administration. It is a first-of-its-kind solution for employers looking for a better way to hire domestic workers, and for workers seeking safe and dignified jobs.

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