Uniting and empowering survivors of slavery and human trafficking to be leaders of the anti-slavery movement.

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    The Fund is working with Survivor Alliance on POWER: Promoting Opportunities Within Evidence and Research. POWER is a two-pronged effort to improve engagement of people with lived experience in the human trafficking sector. In one stream of activity, we will hold lived experience working groups and Survivor Alliance’s World Congress to advance collaborative survivor-led review and discussions of key issue areas; in the other, we will engage lived experience advisors and research institutions to further develop and operationalize standard operating procedures for survivor-informed research. The project adapts new approaches to the human trafficking sector and will produce a rich evidence base on survivor engagement efforts and responds to an increased call for more survivor inclusion in the sector.

    About Survivor Alliance

    Survivor Alliance’s mission is to unite and empower survivors of slavery and human trafficking around the world to be leaders in the anti-slavery movement. Founded by three survivors of human trafficking, we are of, by, and for survivors. We believe that investing in survivors is a key anti-trafficking intervention. For too long, survivors have been ignored and tokenized in anti-trafficking work. Although there is greater inclusion in some countries, such as the United States, it is not yet an integrated best practice in the US or throughout the world. Additionally, there remains a gap in ethical, meaningful, and structural engagement with survivors and limited actors developing guidance for survivor engagement. Survivor engagement in anti-trafficking work also remains siloed from other social justice movements, such as workers’ rights and gender-based violence movements.

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