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    Impactt, Ltd. is part of the Global Fund’s Forced Labor Automated Risk Estimator (FLARE project). They are conducting apparel factory/firm audits in India to help validate the outputs of the FLARE tool. This project will help estimate FLARE’s accuracy in predicting a firms likelihood of having forced labor in their supply chain, and ultimately its usability at scale.

    About Impactt

    Impactt is an award-winning business management consultancy specialising in human rights, labour standards and ethical trade. Headquartered in the UK, we have a global network of consultants with offices in India, Bangladesh, and China with a network of associates from the United States to Africa. At Impactt, we believe in two key things – workers must be put at the centre of what we do, and businesses need to take ownership of driving sustainable, tangible human rights improvements in their operations. These two values guide our work because we understand that focusing on them can not only create better jobs and ultimately better lives for workers but can also enable our clients to create a better performing and therefore more profitable supply chains. For more information about Impactt please visit:

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