Sustainability of the community-based awareness raising campaign depends on the ownership of the campaign by the community people and actors.

First Look: Empowering families to end child sex trafficking

  • Commercial Sexual Exploitation
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    GFEMS has partnered with Seefar and My Choices Foundation to design and implement an awareness campaign to test and build evidence for what works best in promoting positive knowledge, attitude and practices among children, parents and communities to prevent Child Trafficking (CT) and Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC). The goal of this experimental campaign is to build a body of evidence on a ‘best practice’ communications model for preventing CT/CSEC in West Bengal.

    GFEMS has partnered with Athena and Itad to review the intervention, with the objective of measuring progress towards a sustainable model for reduction of prevalence of modern slavery, and using the learning from the projects to offer feedback for how to scale and increase effectiveness over time.

    To learn more about the outcomes of this case study, download the report.

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