More Engagement with People with Lived Experience Leads to Better Research.

A Funders Toolkit for Lived Experience Inclusion in Modern Slavery Research (v1.0)

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    Guidelines for supporting peer engagement of people with lived experience in modern slavery research

    GFEMS believes that progress will best be achieved when those how have been most affected are positioned to lead. As such, we developed this toolkit to guide its own practices for the meaningful inclusion of people with lived experience in our research. The hope is that others in the field will find the concepts herein useful, and join us in this journey.

    This guidance document is for funders and organizations that aim to improve their inclusion of people with lived experiences of modern slavery in their research, and monitoring, evaluation, accountability, and learning work. This includes those who currently or strive to provide funding directly to researchers, empower people with lived experience in the research process, or better support person with lived experience engagement in the movement.

    The tool is not intended to be a one-size-fits-all checklist, but rather a way to help define and conduct research with the intention of ensuring people with lived experience are included in producing research and thus moving up the ladder of person with lived experience inclusion in research.

    PLEASE NOTE: GFEMS is in the process of expanding and revising this toolkit in collaboration with our peer organizations. We will update this page periodically.

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