Nearly 30% of individuals engaged in the sex industry in Kampala, Uganda are under the age of 18.

Characteristics and Prevalence of Child Sex Trafficking in the Kampala Region

  • Commercial Sexual Exploitation
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    Through March and April 2021, ICF and the Department of Social Work and Social Administration, Makerere University, undertook a respondent-driven sampling (RDS) study, involving in-person interviews, in Kampala to measure the characteristics of commercial sexual exploitation (CSE) and to estimate the prevalence of children among all people engaged in CSE. This study, along with our simultaneous CSEC study in the Karamoja region of Uganda, is the first to offer a prevalence estimate of CSEC for any region of Uganda.

    Likewise, it is one of the first studies in Uganda to systematically explore the characteristics of CSE among children in Kampala and to include males who engage in the sex industry. The study offers insights into the experiences of those engaged in the sex industry to allow for more relevant and effective programming targeting this population.

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