Improving community knowledge, attitudes, and practices can better protect children.

Assessing Change regarding the Sexual Exploitation of Children in Napak District, Uganda

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    From 2021 to 2022, the Global Fund supported partners Terre des Hommes Netherlands and Dwelling Places to implement the “Community Action to End Child Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation” project (or “Community Action”) in Napak District, Uganda. Targeting both prevention and response to commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) with the aim of protecting 2,000 at-risk children from CSEC, project activities included establishing child right clubs and supporting CSEC victims to return to and remain in school; increasing knowledge among Napak residents of child trafficking laws and policies and responsible parties; and strengthening positive parenting practices.

    This briefing note presents a summary of methods, findings and conclusions from a two-time-point study of assessing changes in CSEC in Napak District of the Karamoja region in Uganda. Key findings from timepoint 2 include:

    • Changes in KNOWLEDGE: the intervention had a positive effect on adult knowledge of child trafficking risk factors
    • Changes in ATTITUDES: awareness of the risk of trafficking increased among respondents in the exposed group
    • Changes in PRACTICES: the project had a positive effect on practices regarding caregivers knowing their children’s whereabouts

    This study was conducted by ICF in collaboration with Makerere University.

    For more key findings, download the brief.

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