Effective survivor rehabilitation can have a ripple effect in communities – ending cycles of abuse, poverty, and exploitation.

Willow International

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    Willow International, in partnership with The Market Project and the Street Business School (SBS), is expanding holistic aftercare services, legal support, and educational, vocational, and economic opportunities for survivors of labor trafficking and at-risk individuals in Uganda, ensuring successful survivor reintegration and decreasing the likelihood of re-trafficking

    Sustainable interventions are survivor-led

    Willow International’s  survivor-led approach reintegrates survivors and at-risk individuals into the economic fabric of Uganda by providing a choice of livelihood pathways, including connection to jobs in growth sectors. Interventions that empower survivors with greater control over their futures are those that endure and make the greatest impact.

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    About Willow International

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    The mission of Willow International is to end human trafficking starting at the source: Uganda. Through survivor care, government reform, and global partnerships, Willow International is working to end this plague and restore hope to the millions of victims across the globe

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