Strengthening justice systems supports survivor recovery and reintegration.

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    Vipla Foundation works to strengthen the judicial system by building government capacity to prosecute cases of trafficking, convict traffickers, and ensure victims’ legal support. Through the project, Vipla Foundation seeks to build an effective and coordinated prosecution system through training and mentorship, and providing legal counseling and assistance to survivors. The project also seeks to impart greater sensitivity among judicial actors toward victims, ensuring that victims are an integral part of the justice delivery system by making the process more conducive to their participation.

    About Vipla Foundation

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    Formerly known as Save the Children India (STCI), Vipla Foundation’s mission is to ensure nothing stops the children of India from leaning, growing and flourishing.

    Vipla Foundation builds its programs on two major pillars: (1) early interventions that improve the quality of life of beneficiaries and save time and stretched resources, and (2) system strengthening or collaborating with governments, institutions, and other nonprofit organizations to achieve the same impact sustainably and on a larger scale.

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