Two Six Technologies is helping us to understand prevalence of modern slavery, migrant worker experiences of forced labor, and the effectiveness of our interventions addressing it.

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    Across the Philippines, Vietnam, and India, TST engages with local research organizations to support our partners with development and execution of supplementary evaluation and learning frameworks. These frameworks assess the effectiveness and contributions of implemented anti-trafficking interventions. Research and evaluation partners who have been engaged through this effort include, among others, Sattva Consulting and Nirmala Niketan College of Social Work in Maharashtra, India.

    In 2020, GFEMS commissioned Two Six Technologies, in partnership with University of California, Los Angeles, to estimate the number of child sex trafficking victims in Maharashtra, India. The study used a hybrid methodological approach to develop estimates for the adult sex worker population, the prevalence of child sex trafficking, and the population of local buyers of the commercial sex industry. Findings from the study will be remeasured in 2022 to assess trends over time in the state.

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    Prevalence Estimation: Child Sex Trafficking in Maharashtra

    While prior research indicates that Maharashtra, India hosts a significant commercial sex industry, few or no studies have investigated characteristics of the populations of sex workers and child sex trafficking (CST) victims in Maharashtra at a statewide level. This study aimed to provide some of the first data on characteristics in the region, and estimated the population size of CST victims in Maharashtra at a state level across both the public and the private sides of the commercial sex trade.

    Our findings showed that there were approximately 29,000 sex workers in the state of Maharashtra. Of those, roughly 7,900, approximately 27%, were under the age of 18.

    Partner: TwoSix Technologies, UCLA

    The study by TST tracked changes in migrant worker experiences of forced labour at different points in time in the Construction industry in the National Capital Region of India. The study also evaluated the efficacy of various programs that were implemented to reduce worker vulnerabilities.

    The study by TST is monitoring the experiences of migrant workers from the Philippines that are working in GCC countries, Hong Kong and other destination hot-spots to better understand forced labor conditions experienced by these migrant workers. TST will also evaluate programs that are being implemented to improve safe migration from the Philippines.

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