Through an innovative platform, SAI is engaging buyers and suppliers to end forced labor in supply chains.

Social Accountability International

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    SAI is developing a digital platform that connects buyers with suppliers to improve labor practices and working conditions throughout​ the supply chain. The platform grants suppliers making improvements ​to their production planning access to new buyers, and ​gives buyers greater visibility into their supply chains. It includes a new production capacity calculator, minimizing the risk that overwhelmed suppliers will turn to unauthorized subcontracting and excessive overtime hours.

    “First Look” Case Studies

    The Global Fund recently partnered with Athena Infonomics and Itad to conduct a “first look” assessment of SAI’s intervention and measure progress towards a sustainable model for reducing modern slavery. Rigorous monitoring and evaluation is critical to building and improving programs to maximize impact.

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    About Social Accountability International

    Social Accountability International

    Social Accountability International (SAI) is a global non-governmental organization advancing human rights at work. SAI’s vision is of decent work everywhere—sustained by an understanding that socially responsible workplaces benefit business while securing fundamental human rights. SAI empowers workers and managers at all levels of businesses and supply chains, innovative tools and training and capacity-building programs. SAI is a leader in policy and implementation, working together with a diverse group of stakeholders, including brands, suppliers, governments, trade unions, non-profits, and academia.

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