Seefar empowers migrants and vulnerable communities to reduce risks of exploitation.


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    This project deploys and tests the effectiveness of a behavior change campaign to understand which prevention strategies are most effective in changing knowledge, attitudes, and practices among children, their families, and their communities with regard to risks to Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children.

    Assessing KAPs to Strengthen Programming

    Seefar, with My Choices Foundation, recently conducted a Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices (KAP) assessment of community-level vulnerabilities to Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in West Bengal.  By identifying gaps in knowledge and risk perceptions, this study enables targeted prevention efforts and contribute to wider understanding of what really works to reduce vulnerabilities for children in this high risk region.

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    This project established the first recruitment agency in India created for ethical recruitment. The Ethical Recruitment Agency (TERA) educates migrants on their rights and provides job-specific training; provides in-country support to migrants while overseas; and ensures migrants are never charged recruitment fees or exploited.

    Seefar LIFT

    An expansion of programming in West Africa and the Middle East, this project delivers trauma-informed counseling and psychosocial programs to survivors of Commercial Sexual Exploitation in West Bengal and Maharashtra. It follows the Seefar LIFT model which has proven successful in creating sustainable income-generation for survivors and reducing vulnerability in a matter of months.

    About Seefar


    Seefar is a social enterprise that works with vulnerable people to build a better future and support opportunities for them to advance themselves. Seefar maintains a focus on problems and timeframes that are difficult but tractable; tractable because there are possibilities to transform them; and transformational in measurably improving people’s lives.

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