Financial security reduces risks of trafficking and exploitation.

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    Through creating a safe migration system for migrant construction workers, this project is working to sustainably reduce prevalence on a large scale in India’s construction sector, a sector estimated to have millions of forced labor victims.

    Building a Safety Net for Migrant Workers

    During the project period, Jan Sahas helped over 27,000 workers and their families access direct cash or cash-equivalent benefits. While follow-up interviews with workers revealed that most would not have known about entitlements or how to access them without Jan Sahas’ intervention, these entitlements provide a safety net for workers, allowing them greater agency to choose when and where they will work.

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    About Jan Sahas

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    Formed in the year 2000, Jan Sahas is a community and survivor centric not-for-profit organisation. Jan Sahas works with an aim to eliminate sexual violence and forced labour with a focus on the most excluded social groups through a comprehensive approach of- Prevention, Response, Rehabilitation and Systemic Reform. The organization is working in multiple states across India and carries out concentrated capacity building and advocacy efforts with the state and civil society organisations, thus having a national and regional footprint.

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