Passing law is the first step. Giving it force is what makes a difference.

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    With an emphasis on improving Vietnam’s regulatory labour migration framework, this ILO project supports social dialogue and raises awareness of international labour standards with Government, workers’, and employers’ organisations to revise the Law on Contract-Based Vietnamese Overseas Workers and five pieces of subordinate legislation which will give legal affect and detail to the Law. The Law on Contract-Based Vietnamese Overseas Workers now prohibits agencies from charging brokerage commission to workers, allows workers to unilaterally liquidate contracts in situations of threats, sexual harassment, maltreatment or forced labour, includes definitions for discrimination and forced labour in line with ILO definitions, includes forced labour as an explicitly prohibited act, and prohibits deceitful advertising for the purpose of organizing trafficking in persons, abusing recruitment activities to illegally collect fees, and charging brokerage fees – breaching these prohibitions results in recruitment agency license revocation.

    About International Labour Organization

    International Labour Organization

    The only tripartite U.N. agency, since 1919 the ILO brings together governments, employers and workers of 187 member States, to set labour standards, develop policies and devise programmes promoting decent work for all women and men. The main aims of the ILO are to promote rights at work, encourage decent employment opportunities, enhance social protection and strengthen dialogue on work-related issues.

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