Our investment in FEF and its ethical recruitment model has helped thousands of Filipino workers forge successful migration paths.

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    GFEMS funded FEF to develop, test, and lead market solutions to end forced labor of migrant workers across Asia. The project built an end-to-end ethical recruitment solution for workers migrating from the Philippines. Designed towards self-sustainability and rapid scalability, the project has enormous potential for impact among millions of Filipinos.

    Training for Work and Life Overseas

    As part of its mission to ensure safer migration for overseas domestic workers, FEF opened Fair Training Center in Manila in late 2016. From the average 30%-40% termination rate, less than 10% of overseas domestic workers trained at the center are terminated or break their contracts in the first three months of employment. The UN’s International Labor Organization refers to FEF’s program as “the gold standard for pre-migration training.”

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    About FEF

    Fair Employment Foundation

    Since 2014, Fair Employment Foundation (FEF) has been working to build market-driven solutions to end the forced labor of migrant workers across Asia. These solutions include the Fair Employment Agency, a non-profit employment agency that is driving industry standards for hiring migrant domestic workers; Fair Training Center, a non-profit, social business in the Philippines that prepares first-time migrant workers for life and work overseas; and the Fair Hiring Pledge, an agreement between companies and the public stating that management expects their employees to hire domestic workers fairly. 

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