This two part study will help us understand what works to deter traffickers and buyers.

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    GFEMS commissioned Dalberg to conduct a two-part study to measure and track deterrence among child sex trafficking perpetrators in Maharashtra. Specifically, the study explores the economic, legal, and social conditions necessary to serve as an effective deterrent to CSEC, as well as the perceptions and attitudes of criminals and potential criminals towards these conditions. The first phase of the study was completed in July 2019 in four districts of the state where prominent anti-trafficking organizations have been administering a series of interventions focused on law enforcement and judicial systems. The second phase will be operationalized in the same areas in 2022.

    It is believed that deterrence of criminal behaviors—both on the part of buyers and traffickers– can serve as an effective measure to prevent CSEC.

    To deter traffickers, integrate sensitization modules into police training in order to help police better understand victims and be more motivated to fight the crime. To deter buyers, set a precedent of prosecuting buyers of sex from minors. Read more about deterrence in Dalberg’s first of two briefings:

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