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    The Global Fund works with ASK India with the goal of building a safe and secure labour migration ecosystem for aspiring, in-service, and returnee migrants. The Association for Stimulating Know-How (ASK) is working towards empowering migrants and their families as well as offering migrant services through the Migrant Resource Center, in order to reduce source-side causes of vulnerability. In addition, ASK is also working with Mitrata Inclusive Financial Services, to deliver financial health services and enhance financial literacy among migrants.

    We need more ethical recruitment startups

    Ethical recruitment is a high priority for GFEMS, as it is for many other organizations fighting modern slavery. Ethical recruitment is a solution that offers great promise to ensure that labor migration leads to successful outcomes, and not to exploitation. As well as engaging at the policy and industry level, we’re working with ASK India at the community level to change perceptions and behaviors related to ethical recruitment. Learn more about ethical recruitment:

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    About Ask India

    Association for Stimulating Know-how (ASK) is a non-profit organisation which has been working since 1993 with the aim of Empowering people at the bottom of pyramid to enable them to lead the development process and achieve sustainable changes in their lives. With its core skills and expertise in planning and management of large scale projects under the thematic areas of Safe Migration, Sustainable Agriculture & Quality Education & Child Labour, ASK is working extensively in 4 states- Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu presently.

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