Kelly Gleason, PhD

Data Science Lead, Modern Slavery Program

Dr. Kelly A. Gleason is the Data Science Lead for the Delta 8.7 project at Centre for Policy Research at United Nations University and Data Science Officer for the International Labour Organization. In her current roles, Dr. Gleason is actively engaged in the development and dissemination of Delta 8.7, the Alliance 8.7 Knowledge Platform, which aims to promote evidence-based policy making and advance the scientific study of child labour, forced labour, human trafficking and modern slavery.

Her expertise lies in advanced quantitative methodology and the translation and delivery of complex research findings into accessible information through digital tools and data visualization. Dr. Gleason’s current research activities include employing machine-learning approaches to tracking official development spending, analyzing policy on data access and measurement of SDG Target 8.7 and investigating data-driven approaches to empirical research on modern slavery.

Prior to joining UNU-CPR and the ILO she worked in data analytics and research at University of Chicago and taught advanced statistical methodology and programming at University of Michigan and University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee since 2011.