Beatrice Kivuva

Executive Assistant to the CEO

Beatrice Kivuva is a seasoned Executive Assistant with over 12 years of experience, renowned for her dedication, efficiency, and passion for her role. Currently serving as the Executive Assistant to the CEO of the Global Fund to End Modern Slavery.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Beatrice is deeply committed to environmental conservation and community service in her native Kenya. She actively participates in initiatives aimed at tree planting across Kenya, contributing to efforts to combat deforestation and promote sustainable ecosystems. Additionally, she is an enthusiastic advocate for the preservation of natural habitats, frequently engaging in activities such as beach and river clean-ups to safeguard Kenya’s stunning landscapes and aquatic environments.

Beatrice’s passion for learning extends beyond her professional sphere; she is an avid reader who finds joy in exploring diverse genres and perspectives. As a member of a local book club, she relishes the opportunity to engage in lively discussions and exchange insights with fellow Readers.