Modern Slavery Research

Modern Slavery Research


What is modern slavery research? 

There are many types of research in the fight against slavery. Historically, data and evidence about modern slavery has been difficult to generate due to the hidden nature of the crime. 

Cases of slavery and trafficking are frequently underreported. Victims are often unable or unwilling to report their case, either due to lack of awareness of how or to whom, for fear of retribution of threat, or out of fear of retraumatization during the reporting and prosecution process. Further, the private sector is not always equipped with the tools to report risks of trafficking within their supply chains. 

This makes designing evidence-based interventions and policy a challenge. But it is possible to build up the evidence base and start to solve this problem. Using methods from other areas of social science that have not yet been applied to the trafficking field, GFEMS is finding ways to better inform our own work and the global fight. 

GFEMS focuses on creating Evidence for Action as a part of our strategic approach.

We learn to empower others

Learning continuously and sharing what we know are two of GFEMS core values. We strive to discover what works to end modern slavery sustainably and share that knowledge with others so that all anti-trafficking organizations can work effectively.

Our Approach