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An Important Update on the Future of GFEMS

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    For the past nine years, all of us at Global Fund to End Modern Slavery (GFEMS) have been committed to advancing the cause. We take immense pride in the strides we have made, channeling fresh resources into the field and amplifying the voices of those directly impacted by modern slavery.

    After a thorough assessment of the landscape, we have arrived at the decision to conclude operations at GFEMS by the end of 2024. Established as part of the passage of The End Modern Slavery Initiative Act of 2015 (EMSI), our aim was to spearhead the development and coordination of a comprehensive global strategy. We sought to foster collaboration by substantially increasing resources.

    We spearheaded efforts with our key partners to pass this legislation and gain appropriation of annual new funding for the field through the Program to End Modern Slavery (PEMS) authorized under EMSI . This has resulted in $175 million to-date for programming in 27 countries. GFEMS has deployed $52 million of that funding plus $25 million from our other generous donors around the world.

    Given the competitive process required to allocate these resources, it has become increasingly apparent that the current framework has not fostered the intended spirit of partnership and collaboration. Consequently, GFEMS has made a strategic decision to step aside while encouraging our community of donors and partners to build a global Movement led by those with lived experience.

    As we prepare to wind down operations, in the coming months, we will be celebrating the successes we have achieved with our grantees, partners and donors. We hope our actions are a positive step forward in galvanizing a fresh effort to create a vibrant Movement to end modern slavery.

    Thank you for your support and partnership over the years. All of us at GFEMS are proud of what we have accomplished together and are inspired by the community that will carry the work forward. 

    Jean Baderschneider
    Board Chair, Global Fund to End Modern Slavery

    Sophie Otiende
    CEO, Global Fund to End Modern Slavery

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