Sophie Otiende

Chief Executive Officer

Sophie Otiende defines herself as an advocate against all forms of inequality, a teacher, and survivor leader. Sophie has worked within the human trafficking field for a number of years revolutionizing the ways in which survivors are supported, protected, and involved within the counter-trafficking movement. Her work has mainly focused on developing systems and processes for grassroots organizations, advocating for ethical standards for protection of victims of trafficking, training, and development of curriculum on both protection and awareness of human trafficking. Her advocacy on standards of care and survivor engagement has made her a standout leader in the sector and earned her recognition as the US Trafficking in Persons Report Hero 2020. She currently works as the Director of Consulting with Survivor Alliance and is the founder of Azadi Kenya which is a survivor-led collective based in Nairobi.  Sophie also serves on the GFEMS Board. For more information check: