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Hear more about the impact our partners are making to reduce commercial sexual exploitation of children and better protect migrant workers in Kenya and Uganda.

Our influence is quantified not only by the number of people we reach, but also the systems that change, the innovations we advance, and the many new resources and partnerships we bring to the fight. We work to change systems that perpetuate inequality and exploitation so that no more men, women, or children experience modern slavery.

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We empower individuals in the most vulnerable communities

105,782 individuals at reduced risk of modern slavery

25,445 individuals with improved financial security

4,588 survivors provided with holistic, trauma-informed care

85,854 individuals reached through community outreach activities

754 private sector entities equipped to
provide more ethical recruitment

19,625 workers provided with new channels and tools for grievance reporting

We prioritize vulnerable communities, victims, and survivors

We prioritize the individuals and communities most affected by modern slavery. Our work is dedicated to centering the needs of these individuals– providing them trauma-informed care and survivor-centric programming, empowering them to live self-sufficient lives, and eradicating the systems that lead to exploitation.

Empowering survivors to live safe and sustainable lives

Lured by the promise of better wages, Jade found herself locked in a Bahrain apartment with another Filipina trafficked from Dubai. Both were forced into sexual slavery. Upon escape, they were introduced to the Ople Center, which worked with them to seek justice. In a landmark case, eight traffickers were convicted by a Bahraini court and imprisoned, and the Bahraini government awarded each survivor $3,000 USD in restitution. Jade also undertook skills training with the Ople Center, reducing her vulnerability to retrafficking. Jade now earns money selling siomai dumplings and is able to support her family.

Commercial Sexual Exploitation

We change the systems that perpetuate modern slavery

Just three years in, we are beginning to see the positive results of these early investments on the individuals we serve and on the systems that perpetuate modern slavery. We start with local and regional interventions and use the knowledge and evidence we generate to inform where we can scale up solutions and replicate them most effectively on a global scale.

Making trauma-informed care the norm for survivors

Shifting market demand towards ethical practices

Bridging the buyer-supplier gap to root out forced labor

Strengthening survivor support in local governments

We invest in innovations and new ideas that transform anti-slavery solutions

Technology has enormous potential to transform our fight. GFEMS has made it a key component of our strategy. Our tech tools have won innovation awards, are working to transform the migration experience for vulnerable workers, and continue to push the boundaries of how technology can be used to combat forced labor.

Have an idea for tech solutions?

We pursue the latest innovations and thinking for using technology to end modern slavery. Get in touch with our team with your ideas or to learn more.

We share research that brings new data to the field

Historically, research on modern slavery has been sparse compared to other areas of global development. Estimates on the prevalence of modern slavery have been available at the global and country levels, but few estimates exist on the local or industry level. This has made creating effective geography and industry specific solutions challenging. 

To advance global anti-slavery efforts, we complement existing research with targeted estimates that can help guide investments to be more effective. Our robust resource portfolio, including prevalence estimates, is making new information available about the scope and scale of modern slavery for the entire anti-slavery community.

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